The Msyterious Wound/Allergy (Concluded)

So last night quite late after human got home she was tickling me and stroking me and felt a lump on my neck, after immediately checking it out she found a scabby bloody mess which is pictured. (sorry to those who are squeamish) and yes I do have black hairs throughout my entire coat. The size is about the surface area of a 20p piece 

Located on the back of my neck hidden well within my scruff it was hard to get to! And the human seemed quite perplexed as to where it came from! I did fall off the bed the night before (dont tell anyone) but that was too recently as it already had scabbed over, maybe a tick from my holiday – but that was too long ago. So as of now we are putting it down to scratching! 

The human cleaned the area and dried it, and put some antiseptic cream on for me (which helped with the itching too) and has been keeping an eye on me and yelling at me if I scratch. 

Today its not all red and bloody but still very scabby and itchy as ive been trying to scratch at it. The human got a better look after ages trying to part my hair (she said she may have to cut my hair!) and I have alot of scabs which are all stuck in my hairs, when you pinch the area its quite tough,not hard but almost like there is a lump beneath the surface, like when you get a mosquito bite, We have repeated the process of cleaning and using the antiseptic cream and will keep you updated! 


So The human has spent the last 2 days with me to make sure I dont hurt myself anymore but she doesnt know how sneeky I can be and today she got really mad when she saw I had made a new sore patch by the one which is healing 

 to the naked eye it seems normal and its not until you really feel under the fur (damn double coat) you know its there.

So this is the area from the other day heavily scabbed over now but just above human spotted redness…and…

A new patch. Looks like the cone of shame is making a comeback!


Got a bald spot, conclusions are circling around either a rouge tick which is now gone or a hotspot, yesterday I had a bath with my oatmeal anti itch natural shampoo and a flea/tick/worm/mange treatment just incase.

We cleaned away the scab fragments stuck in my fur and got the area nice and clean, dabbed dry with some tissue and left open (no cream) human got the cone out to ensure NO scratching!  

Now just 2 patches and a small scab. Hoping now Ive had a parasite treatment and got my cone on it will start to clear up, If no improvements by next week, I will be going to see my vet for help. Paws crossed. Its looking better today! 

And to have a break from the cone human also got my Halloween hoodie out as being a Pug flower is nice and all but you tens to trip over it alot!

To be continued…

Well a week on and I have been wearing my hoodie and havnt scratched at it, so its finally starting to heal well! its in a bit of an awkward spot on my neck rolls! 

 Some scab fragments come off from the natural movment of my skin (like when you get a cut in the crease of your finger) it takes a little longer to heal. Tomorrow im having a bath to clean away fragments in my fur again and hopefully my hair will start to grow back too!

The most likely culprit of this mysterious wound is…ticks! when I went to Scotland I picked some up in the woods, humans thought they got them all but there were some hidden deep in my double coat around my neck (teeny tiny black sheep tick nymphs) they can stay on dogs for up to 3 weeks feeding!!  Needless to say next time we go camping and hiking in the woods I will make sure im protected from ticks!  

Ps. I did make it worse by scratching at it alot and it irritated my skin (Im a sensitive soul) As the bite left from the adult female sheep tick (which they removed quickly) was like a small spot.. .you know the ones humans get (sorrynotsorry) The human would like to add that I am not treated for ticks and fleas every month as they do not like putting chemicals on my skin when its not necessary!  but thats another blog. .

More photos when its healed TBC! 


So I ended up going to the vets to have my neck checked out as it seemed to spread like hives all around in a band around my neck and I got lumps and red patches in more places! It wasnt healing fast enough for humans liking.

Turns out I was having an allergic reaction…although the vet said we can never been certain 100% what caused it (human has money on ticks) I got an anti inflammatory Injection to stop the itch and 6 days antibiotic pills to help clear the secondary infection, within days my skin had settled all the redness and bumps went away, the scabby bits are still healing and getting back to normal!

So trying not to introduce any new factors that could make the allergy worse I am bathing using my oatmeal wash and everything is looking great. This photo below shows how much my scabs have healed and the hardness under my skin has gone, Yay



  1. Hey wow that looks gross but we don’t get squeamish. Bhodi had a similar looking patch of hard and dry skin in her belly and we got a shampoo that was medicated and had to bath 3times a week but it’s all gone now. It was a time of excema for dogs. Let us know how u get on as no one needs to wear the cone of shame!


    • Well I just had a bath and used my oatmeal anti itch natural shampoo, we cleaned and dried the area which looks good and clean now, we are going to leave it a couple more days see if it clears up if not goto vets and see whats up! But dont worry I feel NO shame and dont care wearing the cone, nothing stops me having fun! We will update with new pics soon x


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