New Year New Itch

It took a while for my neck to heal but its finally good and got my hair back! 

Now it seems to be a feet thing, there is nothing physically wrong with my feet, no scratches or cuts, no foliage stuck in my toes, no breaks or fractures, nadda! BUT my current obsession (which seems to be a winter occurance)  is licking and chewing my feets and toes, also chewing my nails. At first human though nothing of it, Ive always done it (in moderation) just as of recent ive been obsessively doing it.. Its not just me though even humans mum’s dog (poodle) Spike has been doing it (he got medication and special shampoo, -doesn’t work) 

After a little research it seems that licking our feet actually feels good to us dogues and it becomes a behaviour (like a habbit) of course it could be a medical issue such as yeast infection etc etc so if you obsessively lick your feet, dont rule that out yet, but we know for me, thats not the case. So how to tackle this (human thought) as she thinks eventually I will make my feet sore.

  1. Longer walks (to tire me out more)
  2. Extra play times ( keep my mind occupied)
  3. More tickles (to distract me)
  4. Train in new tricks (challenge me)
  5. Clean my feet more often (I like to scrab up dirt and grass ALOT)

    Now hopefully these 5 tips will help in reducing the time of obsessive licking, the key really is to occupy more time with more productive activities, keeping the mind off the feets! You know us dogs are really smart and boredom can make us do crazy things. Even something simple like having a kong with some frozen yoghurt (last longer than peanutbutter). We are going to put this to the test (myself and my bro from another mo). 

    Please let me know any tips you have that I can try, Until next time 🐾

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