TrackR Review

Click HERE for to unlock your free device courtesy of Don Loki

The kind people at TrackR contacted us to try out one of their TrackR Bravo Bluetooth devices, which peaked our curiosity as I have an ID chip but what if I get lost? So we thought a tracker sounded a pawsome idea.

The device comes with a ring to attach to my collar or harness and a sticker (as it can also be used to track other things like phone, keys etc) our device is silver but you can get other colours which do cost more! and even a custom photo or engraving.We also got the water resistant sleeve which is great for walks in woods when it may rain or I “accidently” fall into puddle. 

It is so super easy to set up on iphone or android, just download the app turn on your bluetooth open the app and link your device by pressing the button on the front.

If you have multiple devices or dogs you can name each one and set it as dog/cat or item. The settings menu is simple and easy to alter to your specifications. Changing the battery is super easy too.

I was tracked around my house, as when connected it notified human when I moved closer and further away! (so they knew when to hide the crisps!) With a total range of up to 100ft dependant on obstacles, It is useful on walks to make sure I dont get lost/run away. Also human noted that if I ran by someone else with the TrackR app while out of her bluetooth range I would be marked on the map using crowd locate (so in essence the more people who use the app the larger the area of distance something can be tracked) so although not a GPS tracker with a large range the potential for traceability has potential.

Another cool feature is that if my human presses the central green speaker button (as above on app) an alarm would ring out on the device I was wearing to alert her of my location (hiding in the bed just got harder) and likewise vice versa pressing the button on my device would initiate a ringer on her phone. 

Overall we feel this device is good, It would be great if it was GPS BUT its thin design and the potential of tracking using a crowd network is an impressive compromise. Its other plus points include a distance indicator and separation alert. Although we feel an extra charge for a different colour is silly -This device is that extra security that makes all the difference and gives that little extra piece of mind. I feel the application to pet tracking could be a huge positive and a growing community of pet owners using the app will be beneficial to everyone else in the long run. 

With 4 colours to chose from at $29.99 and free US shipping (it costs an extra $5 for any colour other than silver) 

Laser engraving  or UV-LED image – $4.99 

Water resistant sleeve and other accessories – $9.99

You can get $5 off a custom printed device using promo code – UNIQUE

Use our link and you can unlock a FREE TrackR device.

Head over to our Instagram @badasspug_don_loki for your chance to win your very own Bravo device and water resistant sleeve now! 

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