Pug Meet Up + Public Transport Travel Tips

Today I went on my first pug meet up, a great socialising event for any dog.

Travelling on public transport with a dog

Our journey was about an hour by bus so first of all we made sure bladder and bowels were empty…always handy. Last thing you want is a poo happening on a bus! Next human made sure to I was wrapped up warm (for the cold weather) and got on my secure harness. Now here it all depends on bus company and driver. We have never encountered any problems or refusal travelling by bus as dogs are allowed on buses, Sometimes I sit on the seat (this can be an issue with some people), to be honest I only get to sit on the seat if im clean, on a coat/blanket or on humans lap, the rest of the time it’s the floor. Today I sat on humans coat. On the way home we caught 3 buses and most were quite busy so sometimes we stood, we try to stay near the front on shorter trips and tucked away upstairs for longer. We try to avoid to much attention from strangers so I dont get riled up.

Human always brings along my favourite toy (burger 🍔 of course). With a handful of treats and a bottle of water for after the journey. Most of the time I just sleep.

Travelling by Taxi with a dog

Here is where it gets a bit trickier when getting a taxi with a dog always make sure while calling one or before getting in they accept dogs in the cab. In humans experience she always tells the operator what dog I am (Pug) so they send a car that will accommodate. Human has been told (by a driver) some drivers will sneakily add a fee for the dog at the end of the fare so always be upfront! Obviously some drivers will refuse. Today we got accepted first time, after being asked breed and being requested that I stay on the floor.

The Pug meet

Here are some of my favourite moments.

Meeting @charliemarleypug

Meeting @lolapug08

Grumble action

Seeing my first new friend

All in all a great day out. We can’t wait for the next one..which we won’t be late for (humans fault).

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