Top tips for keeping cool!

Dogs overheat realy quickly, they dont sweat all over like we do, and very rarely as last resort to cool down will sweat from their feet. Panting is the main temperature regulator second to vasodilation. Pugs and other brachycephalic breeds have further struggle to regulate. Here are some tips from the Don to aid in keeping your dogs cool in hot weather.

Keep a bottle of water in fridge for drinking water or add ice cubes to water bowl

Use ice cubes as little refreshing cool treats, and they’re fun to play with! (make sure to dunk in water before giving to your dog or they may get it stuck to their tongue!)

Freeze yoghurt in a kong or ice cube tray as a cool dog lolly treat.

Get a small paddling pool (We got one from Home Bargains £2.99)

Always make sure shade is available and somewhere cool to lay down (dont want to burn our bellies)

Cool matts can be ideal but expensive, (depending where you buy) all you need to do is roll up a baby change matt or thin blanket/sheet or towel, store in the freezer and get out for you dog when they get really hot.

Restrict long walks to early morn or late evening when its cooler, brachycephalic breeds over heat very quickly so my human doesnt take me on walks in hot sunshine as (even though I dont have breathing difficulties) I cant cool down quick enough and get restless!

Take some water with you for pitstops on walks to rehydrate.

Never leave us dogs in hot cars, ever. Even if you leave the windows open it can take under 15 minutes for a dog to dehydrate and die in a hot car or even suffer heatstroke and brain damage. Its not worth the risk. Leave us at home!

For those is hotter climates you also need to check pavement temperature so we dont burn our paws. This is also the same for super cold climates as ice burns too!

We have a way to go until the weather warms up in the UK but it’s always best to be prepared. Post any tips you have in the comments.

Don Loki

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