All About A Pug


So let’s start at the beginning I am Loki aka Don Loki (named after the mythological God of mischief) I was born on 16th January 2014 and I am 100% pure pugalug. I live on the East Coast of England and I love fashion, not keen on shoes but I love a good shirt and bow tie, I have so many pug friends, who I love talking to! Sometimes they send me awesome presents 🙂  I want to share with you all about my life, from food, treats, grooming and everything else.

Certified Badass



I run a pug mafia organisation called the @badasspugclub you can find us and join on Instagram! 😎 we accept all up and coming badasspugs frugs, jugs, chugs, stugs (all ugs) and even have some other badass dogs! It’s a fun community where we share photos of our members and hold competitions to earn you bones where we gift our most badass members the silver bone charm.

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