2014 The Start Of The #badasspugclub


2014 not long passed,we (Loki and I) have started several projects which are flourishing. I think this is so great and brings so many people and pugs together all over the world, The first ever project being #badasspugclub started on Instagram by a few pug friends laughing about photos. This has steadily become a strong and ever growing community with new members everyday and almost 1000 photos to the hash tag. Slowly the #badasspugclub has increased to include pugs from US to UK, Australia to Thailand and even Brazil. We may not have the same time zones but we all keep in contact via IG, Loki has been since dubbed as Don Loki king of badass, but he couldn`t do it without his friends.


Founding Members

The club has badass member of the month and also a wall of fame run by me (the thumbs)…I have actually had to start writing down who IS a member so i don`t overlook new members photos and forget them. The wall of fame has become coveted by all badass pugs on IG, Nearly 100 pugs strong… btw did I mention we are going to take over the world….

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Devil Pug

Loki hurt his chin at the beach a couple weeks ago, failing epically trying to leap from a height pugs should never attempt..  now it’s all healed and I noticed it looked scarily like a 6… it’s just proof he IS the god of mischief reincarnate. He has lived up to his mythological norse name with his naughty mischievous nature… and now this  it makes me laugh so much. I wonder if the hair will grow back or if he will be scarred forever with a number 6….



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