A great start to 2015! Fame!


For Loki`s birthday I got him a lovely new custom named bandana from The Bandana Boutique a Great UK based seller. We sent shoutouts to them for such a great item and in return gained fame on their website showcasing the custom personalised dog bandana that I bought, Go Loki!






To see Loki on their website goto thebandanaboutique.com or find him on Twitter and Insta @peachandthepug


2014 The Start Of The #badasspugclub


2014 not long passed,we (Loki and I) have started several projects which are flourishing. I think this is so great and brings so many people and pugs together all over the world, The first ever project being #badasspugclub started on Instagram by a few pug friends laughing about photos. This has steadily become a strong and ever growing community with new members everyday and almost 1000 photos to the hash tag. Slowly the #badasspugclub has increased to include pugs from US to UK, Australia to Thailand and even Brazil. We may not have the same time zones but we all keep in contact via IG, Loki has been since dubbed as Don Loki king of badass, but he couldn`t do it without his friends.


Founding Members

The club has badass member of the month and also a wall of fame run by me (the thumbs)…I have actually had to start writing down who IS a member so i don`t overlook new members photos and forget them. The wall of fame has become coveted by all badass pugs on IG, Nearly 100 pugs strong… btw did I mention we are going to take over the world….

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A Pug Journey – 1st birthday

So it has been an exciting year for Loki, who just turned one! We have been through the ups and downs of puppyhood. Toilet training, teething (although he still has all his puppy fangs) a concussion, great outfits, loads of new pug friends from all over the world, dog cake and the rest.

Lets talk birthday! So, yes I did buy presents and keep them for “the” day, Yes I did wrap them, Yes I did write a card, Yes I did buy a 1 candle…(but misplaced it) and we shared it with pugs and pals all over the world via IG

Bowtie from Underdogsupplies.com


Now this may come across a bit “crazy pug owner” BUT I don’t have any children yet so I feel it’s OK… Loki just turned one and had an amazing day with presents, a birthday card and home made cake… the best part was the cake. A simple adapted dog recipe I found on the internet and tweaked a little for preference. Turned out amazing!

1cup of self raising flour (wholemeal is better) I only had white

3tbsp or a good dollop of peanut butter

1tsp of honey 

1 egg

A splash of milk

1tsp vanilla flavour

Mix mix mix

Oven 40 minutes or more




Now to top this cake off I used

a thin spread of organic apple yoghurt

thin slices of banana

and crumbled some cake trimmings on top… Now as tempting as it was to give him the whole cake and watch the fun ensue, I only allowed a small piece and saved the rest in a tub for other days, I actually tasted it and its not bad considering there is no butter or sugar in it!



You can follow Loki on Twitter and Instagram @peachandthepug


Devil Pug

Loki hurt his chin at the beach a couple weeks ago, failing epically trying to leap from a height pugs should never attempt..  now it’s all healed and I noticed it looked scarily like a 6… it’s just proof he IS the god of mischief reincarnate. He has lived up to his mythological norse name with his naughty mischievous nature… and now this  it makes me laugh so much. I wonder if the hair will grow back or if he will be scarred forever with a number 6….



Check out more mischief and fun on Loki’s Instagram @peachandthepug

Pug Stuff | The Wrinkle

Well since pugs have a pretty flat face you can bet it gets pretty dirty! I have found with Loki I have to clean his face alot. When he was a puppy he got a few pimples round his chin and lip area which were a result of bacteria build up. Still as a new pug owner I was still a bit like what the hell! I later learned plastic and ceramic bowls hold these germs more than stainless steel, especially when they get scratched as the bacteria hides in the grooves. So I ditched the plastic bowl and now after every meal he gets his chops wiped with just a baby wipe and his bowl rinsed in hot soapy water… no more pimples! I will add that pug pimple can look like normal spots us humans get, a yellow pustule or Papule, you really want to refrain from squeezing these spots as it will only irritate further and potentially spread bacteria. I have read that pugs are prone to pug acne which can occur anywhere on the face and it is common so the occasional spot is no worry which he does sometimes get but just sticking to the routine of cleaning him up after meals works a treat and they dissappear fast…He does tend to end up with food all over his face and in his wrinkle!
With the wrinkle I do clean his everyday otherwise it starts to smell and gross at it is I have found lumps of gunky, smelly, black dirt in there if left too long! when I bath him I use plain water to wash his face using my hand to clean him and a baby wipe to finish any bits missed in fact I use baby wipes to do everything! clean his ears, his wrinkle, face, eyes and chin and also his private areas if needed… I usually use the aloe Vera ones as they are sensitive on their skin and smell nice. Some people use a cotton bud and a bit of oil on the tip which I will try but it’s a hard enough job as it is even though I’ve been doing it most of his life, he hates it, and me for a while after! alternatively you could just use a cloth with warm water, unscented wipes, cotton pads or the cotton buds. it’s whatever works best and is easiest to execute for you and your wriggly pug.

Really same goes for the eyes,  My pug produces eye bogies at a some what phemoninal rate and they usually end up on me but when I do see them first I just use a wipe to clean them off being extra gentle around the eye area. I find his eyes are most bogie-ish first thing in the morning, and yes the gunk will work its own way out of the eye naturally but it’s good to keep the eyes clean as so many problems are associated with pugs and their eyes best to be safe I say.

If you have any concern with your pug and you want to ask a pug community about it head to pugspot.com most people there have experienced all manor of pug ailments and have good advice. or leave a question in the comments 🙂

check out more Loki pug action on his Instagram @peachandthepug

Pug Stuff | Food

It all starts with diet, get the right diet and everything else follows. Eating the right food can help keep your pug at a healthy weight, keep fresh breath, a glossy clean coat and overall happiness at a high! Pugs LOVE food and easily gain too much weight If allowed, I did alot of research on food before I got my pug as with my black lab she had allergies and was quite sickly, so I have been feeding Loki top quality food since day 1 coming home and the difference is irrefutable. That is why I recommend whole heartedly Lily’s Kitchen it’s the best damn food I could find with organic healthy ingredients, 60% meat content which is NOT reconstituted, regurgitated or reclaimed…. or…. meat derivatives as sooo many dog foods say. Just loads of veg and good stuff!
IMG_0376I never used to read ingredients in MY food let alone dog food but now I do I’ve noticed alot of dog foods say ingredients like derivatives of vegetable origin or inorganic matter. (sounds like plastic to me). Not to mention propylene glycol which is used as a preservative but you can also find this in your antifreeze… that shocked me! So I began to look around for grain free, organic food with wholesome fresh ingredients and Lily’s was top.
You can buy Lily’s Kitchen online which I know is a bit more pricey, or there special range made for Tesco called Lily’s in.. Tesco of course which is a bit cheaper as it’s not organic and has 10% less meat content but it’s still hella good. If your unable to obtain this brand you want to go for anything grain free as grain is just used to bulk up dry food and dogs don’t digest it which just makes for bigger poos! James Wellbeloved is another good one available at Pets At Home, or if you have the time, cook up some grub, My pug loves scrambled egg, broccoli, rice, chicken breast, carrots, peas, sprouts, cauliflower, all veg really!
I usually just buy the dry food and mix something In now and then to keep it interesting for him. If I do a Sunday dinner I mix all the veg up like bubble N squeak, mix a bit of kibble in chuck it in the fridge that’s a couple days worth of food, it is so simple. boiling broccoli takes minutes to do. If it’s something youre cooking for your own dinner then it’s no effort to share a bit.  🙂
Prod94I like to talk about diet and food tips N recipes for dogs as the dog food industry is ruled by a few big company’s and it’s not well regulated so who knows what crap gets put in our precious babies dinner. I will tell you its all the rubbish left over. Eyeballs, beaks, feet, stuff not good enough for us…why should it be good enough for them!? I have read a few studies on dogs diet and health in relation to a commercial diet and also a raw meat diet and neither are great.
I’m not slating people who feed their dogs raw because it may work for them or be a different story for different breeds but I’ve spoken to other pug owners who have tried and after a while it made their dog sick, there is alot of bacteria in raw meat and pugs are known for having sensitive guts. Check out pugspot.com a great online pug community with loads of advice from personal experience and opinions shared with all pug owners. Have you ever noticed your dog get fussy at dinner time and walk away from their bowl?  My black lab did this on a weekly basis it’s the boring bland food drenched in flavourings and colourings to make it seem edable. Loki has never left any food, he has never been sick In his 8 months and never had diarrhoea! also his breath doesn’t smell.  I feel very passionately about this subject so if you have any questions please ask I will answer as best I can. Please remember I am no expert and don’t pertain to be one, I am telling my stories from personal experience my opinions, my own research, love of pugs and all dogs! peach and pug x
Check out lilyskitchen.co.uk and channel 5 on demand – The truth about your dog’s food which has alot of useful info!

Loki’s top treats!

apple slices ( no pips as they turn to cyanide when digested)
cucumber ( his favourite)
the Kong with yoghurt in and frozen or a scoop of organic smooth peanut butter.



More fun photos of loki on his Instagram @peachandthepug