Animology Review


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Here is my official “edgy” photo with a bottle of Back to black


The Model Shot

Lucky me or maybe because I am “The Don” the lovely people at Animology sent me some goodies to try and to share. Now before we begin some dogs love water and some do not.. I like the rain but dislike baths, I want to say a massive thank you to Animology for sending my human some of their “dogs body” shampoo. The main reason being that it has added conditioner! So I got out of the bath a lot quicker than usual!


G’head bath me

Bathing me is a messy job, I always try to escape and shake it out at any given opportunity so the human was glad it was only one product needed, after being suitably wet (the both of us) the human lathered me up (and it lathered!) very quickly, so a little does go a long way! human took this opportunity to take a pic… I found it a good time to share some suds with her.

 As quick as it took to rub in, it was washed out (fine by me!) The human “oooh’d” at the smell, you know the smellier the better for me but hey, whatever makes her happy, After a quick rub down and mad 5 minutes I got a good brush through with the trusty Furminator. (A must have for any pug owner) After a further mad 10 minutes frantically rubbing myself on forbidden upholstery and fabrics I deem to be towels (we must beg to differ here) I was practically dry! And very fluffy the human states

Looking pretty damn handsome and smelling SO good, I felt pretty badass about now, The next day my fluffiness settled down and my coat became so sleek and shiny and apparently super soft too as the human would not stop touching me (Can’t complain though.) Throughout the day the human kept grabbing me and sniffing me commenting on how I still smelled good (The cheek! I always do..)

A good many days on and my coat is still soft and smooth the smell has gone but I hear It has neutralised my “doggy” smell for alot longer than usual. (I guess thats good news for me)


You can’t fight the fluff

Overall I conclude that Animology can bathe me any day, I need the human to get some more of that Dogs Body shampoo for I am one happy puggy. Human recommends trying it yourself there is something for every dog, My Poodle bro uses White Wash !


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Bark My Box



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Being the lucky pug that I am, I was invited by @barkmybox to sample a box from their newly up and running monthly subscription service.  They offered everything I was looking for; great products sourced reliably and safe for environment (and me) My box was a taster of what to expect and I wasnt disappointed ( The food is the most important,  I cannot just let any old treats pass these puggy lips!)


Now the box itself was very nice and not flimsy and the design was cute, inside they even personalised it with my name (look how proud I am)  Inside I found toys, treats and a little something for the human.

The first item was a gorilla toy which made such a scary noise (at first) now nearly a month on I am STILL trying to shut him up! thumbs up on the longevity. Secondly I got my very own cigar (rope toy) and you know every Don needs a stoogie, Perfecto!

Then we had 2 packets of treats made by Betty Miller (very yummy) with ingredients so good my human (almost) had a bite. No preservatives, nothing artificial and no grain. Top notch treats ! check for yourself at

Then the human got herself a brand new eco friendly Beco poop bag holder and a box of refill bags (maybe now she will smile while cleaning up after me)

img_20160810_142440Now all I need to do is work on making some “bear sized” poops !

A little snippet from the Barkmybox website …

“BarkMyBox delivers high quality non-harmful products for your pooch. Our boxes contain 5 items natural treats, fun toys and useful accessories for you and your human. We put a great deal of thought, research, and time into creating each month’s box. We work with quality vendors using top ingredients in their treats. Our aim is to give your pooch a great deal of excitement. Allowing them to run around all day, giving you both a great playtime together.”

Prices for small dogs under 10kg start at £28.99 per month but decrease depending on how many months you opt for – This may seem expensive in comparison with other such subscription sites but when it comes to quality barkmybox delivers on many levels. A happy owner is also very important and if yours is a fussy as mine when it comes to what I eat, play with, wash with etc. This is the box for you!

If you want to try one out gift yourself a one time box starting from £32.99  filled with treats.

If you have any questions or queries just contact them, they are lovely people and so helpful, We wish them all the best and hope they make many doggies very happy!

Don Loki @Badasspug_don_loki

Winston Manner

Our first Pug review! 


We received an official Winston Manner Harness, collar and leash box set in the bouncy ball design from our pug pal, Aussie and CEO… Winston himself! So we thought we would take the time to write a little review after testing it out.


Our honest opinion is… we absolutely love it, No bones about it! From the cute detail on the harness, collar and leash, the design, the bright colours to the way it was packaged. Everything is on point and excellently executed! the set is such good quality and better than your average pet shops for sure! It just has such a high class feel to it.


Collar –  The material is so soft, the collar comes with a WM rubber patch, a paw print stud ( my favourite little detail) and lovely good quality thick ID tag which you can have engraved, the clasp is plastic and the D ring is a thick strong metal, the design is funky and fun and on the website they are so many to choose from, the bouncy ball collar is also available to purchase singularly at £20.23

Harness – The harness is a breathable canvas type material, mesh backed, lined with a really soft bamboo strapping, the design matches in with the rest of the set with the blue stripes and red bouncy balls with a WM rubber motif on the chest. The back straps are all adjustable with metal detailing, plastic clip and metal D ring and again the cute paw print stud. Also available to buy on its own for £25.30

The Lead – A really nice length matching in with the collar and harness perfectly with continued design, a handy clip on the end for if you are out and want to attach the leash somewhere safe, Again it has the cute paw print stud and signature WM rubber patch. also sold separately £20.23

Over all I can safely say I will be buying and keeping a look out for new designs and styles in the future, Well done Winston! And just look how cool Loki looks in it..


Winston Manner Bouncy Ball Harness Box Set – £60.75 @


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A great start to 2015! Fame!


For Loki`s birthday I got him a lovely new custom named bandana from The Bandana Boutique a Great UK based seller. We sent shoutouts to them for such a great item and in return gained fame on their website showcasing the custom personalised dog bandana that I bought, Go Loki!






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2014 The Start Of The #badasspugclub


2014 not long passed,we (Loki and I) have started several projects which are flourishing. I think this is so great and brings so many people and pugs together all over the world, The first ever project being #badasspugclub started on Instagram by a few pug friends laughing about photos. This has steadily become a strong and ever growing community with new members everyday and almost 1000 photos to the hash tag. Slowly the #badasspugclub has increased to include pugs from US to UK, Australia to Thailand and even Brazil. We may not have the same time zones but we all keep in contact via IG, Loki has been since dubbed as Don Loki king of badass, but he couldn`t do it without his friends.


Founding Members

The club has badass member of the month and also a wall of fame run by me (the thumbs)…I have actually had to start writing down who IS a member so i don`t overlook new members photos and forget them. The wall of fame has become coveted by all badass pugs on IG, Nearly 100 pugs strong… btw did I mention we are going to take over the world….

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A Pug Journey – 1st birthday

So it has been an exciting year for Loki, who just turned one! We have been through the ups and downs of puppyhood. Toilet training, teething (although he still has all his puppy fangs) a concussion, great outfits, loads of new pug friends from all over the world, dog cake and the rest.

Lets talk birthday! So, yes I did buy presents and keep them for “the” day, Yes I did wrap them, Yes I did write a card, Yes I did buy a 1 candle…(but misplaced it) and we shared it with pugs and pals all over the world via IG

Bowtie from


Now this may come across a bit “crazy pug owner” BUT I don’t have any children yet so I feel it’s OK… Loki just turned one and had an amazing day with presents, a birthday card and home made cake… the best part was the cake. A simple adapted dog recipe I found on the internet and tweaked a little for preference. Turned out amazing!

1cup of self raising flour (wholemeal is better) I only had white

3tbsp or a good dollop of peanut butter

1tsp of honey 

1 egg

A splash of milk

1tsp vanilla flavour

Mix mix mix

Oven 40 minutes or more




Now to top this cake off I used

a thin spread of organic apple yoghurt

thin slices of banana

and crumbled some cake trimmings on top… Now as tempting as it was to give him the whole cake and watch the fun ensue, I only allowed a small piece and saved the rest in a tub for other days, I actually tasted it and its not bad considering there is no butter or sugar in it!



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