Top tips for keeping cool!

Dogs overheat realy quickly, they dont sweat all over like we do, and very rarely as last resort to cool down will sweat from their feet. Panting is the main temperature regulator second to vasodilation. Pugs and other brachycephalic breeds have further struggle to regulate. Here are some tips from the Don to aid in keeping your dogs cool in hot weather.

Keep a bottle of water in fridge for drinking water or add ice cubes to water bowl

Use ice cubes as little refreshing cool treats, and they’re fun to play with! (make sure to dunk in water before giving to your dog or they may get it stuck to their tongue!)

Freeze yoghurt in a kong or ice cube tray as a cool dog lolly treat.

Get a small paddling pool (We got one from Home Bargains £2.99)

Always make sure shade is available and somewhere cool to lay down (dont want to burn our bellies)

Cool matts can be ideal but expensive, (depending where you buy) all you need to do is roll up a baby change matt or thin blanket/sheet or towel, store in the freezer and get out for you dog when they get really hot.

Restrict long walks to early morn or late evening when its cooler, brachycephalic breeds over heat very quickly so my human doesnt take me on walks in hot sunshine as (even though I dont have breathing difficulties) I cant cool down quick enough and get restless!

Take some water with you for pitstops on walks to rehydrate.

Never leave us dogs in hot cars, ever. Even if you leave the windows open it can take under 15 minutes for a dog to dehydrate and die in a hot car or even suffer heatstroke and brain damage. Its not worth the risk. Leave us at home!

For those is hotter climates you also need to check pavement temperature so we dont burn our paws. This is also the same for super cold climates as ice burns too!

We have a way to go until the weather warms up in the UK but it’s always best to be prepared. Post any tips you have in the comments.

Don Loki

Pug Meet Up + Public Transport Travel Tips

Today I went on my first pug meet up, a great socialising event for any dog.

Travelling on public transport with a dog

Our journey was about an hour by bus so first of all we made sure bladder and bowels were empty…always handy. Last thing you want is a poo happening on a bus! Next human made sure to I was wrapped up warm (for the cold weather) and got on my secure harness. Now here it all depends on bus company and driver. We have never encountered any problems or refusal travelling by bus as dogs are allowed on buses, Sometimes I sit on the seat (this can be an issue with some people), to be honest I only get to sit on the seat if im clean, on a coat/blanket or on humans lap, the rest of the time it’s the floor. Today I sat on humans coat. On the way home we caught 3 buses and most were quite busy so sometimes we stood, we try to stay near the front on shorter trips and tucked away upstairs for longer. We try to avoid to much attention from strangers so I dont get riled up.

Human always brings along my favourite toy (burger 🍔 of course). With a handful of treats and a bottle of water for after the journey. Most of the time I just sleep.

Travelling by Taxi with a dog

Here is where it gets a bit trickier when getting a taxi with a dog always make sure while calling one or before getting in they accept dogs in the cab. In humans experience she always tells the operator what dog I am (Pug) so they send a car that will accommodate. Human has been told (by a driver) some drivers will sneakily add a fee for the dog at the end of the fare so always be upfront! Obviously some drivers will refuse. Today we got accepted first time, after being asked breed and being requested that I stay on the floor.

The Pug meet

Here are some of my favourite moments.

Meeting @charliemarleypug

Meeting @lolapug08

Grumble action

Seeing my first new friend

All in all a great day out. We can’t wait for the next one..which we won’t be late for (humans fault).

TrackR Review

Click HERE for to unlock your free device courtesy of Don Loki

The kind people at TrackR contacted us to try out one of their TrackR Bravo Bluetooth devices, which peaked our curiosity as I have an ID chip but what if I get lost? So we thought a tracker sounded a pawsome idea.

The device comes with a ring to attach to my collar or harness and a sticker (as it can also be used to track other things like phone, keys etc) our device is silver but you can get other colours which do cost more! and even a custom photo or engraving.We also got the water resistant sleeve which is great for walks in woods when it may rain or I “accidently” fall into puddle. 

It is so super easy to set up on iphone or android, just download the app turn on your bluetooth open the app and link your device by pressing the button on the front.

If you have multiple devices or dogs you can name each one and set it as dog/cat or item. The settings menu is simple and easy to alter to your specifications. Changing the battery is super easy too.

I was tracked around my house, as when connected it notified human when I moved closer and further away! (so they knew when to hide the crisps!) With a total range of up to 100ft dependant on obstacles, It is useful on walks to make sure I dont get lost/run away. Also human noted that if I ran by someone else with the TrackR app while out of her bluetooth range I would be marked on the map using crowd locate (so in essence the more people who use the app the larger the area of distance something can be tracked) so although not a GPS tracker with a large range the potential for traceability has potential.

Another cool feature is that if my human presses the central green speaker button (as above on app) an alarm would ring out on the device I was wearing to alert her of my location (hiding in the bed just got harder) and likewise vice versa pressing the button on my device would initiate a ringer on her phone. 

Overall we feel this device is good, It would be great if it was GPS BUT its thin design and the potential of tracking using a crowd network is an impressive compromise. Its other plus points include a distance indicator and separation alert. Although we feel an extra charge for a different colour is silly -This device is that extra security that makes all the difference and gives that little extra piece of mind. I feel the application to pet tracking could be a huge positive and a growing community of pet owners using the app will be beneficial to everyone else in the long run. 

With 4 colours to chose from at $29.99 and free US shipping (it costs an extra $5 for any colour other than silver) 

Laser engraving  or UV-LED image – $4.99 

Water resistant sleeve and other accessories – $9.99

You can get $5 off a custom printed device using promo code – UNIQUE

Use our link and you can unlock a FREE TrackR device.

Head over to our Instagram @badasspug_don_loki for your chance to win your very own Bravo device and water resistant sleeve now! 

New Year New Itch

It took a while for my neck to heal but its finally good and got my hair back! 

Now it seems to be a feet thing, there is nothing physically wrong with my feet, no scratches or cuts, no foliage stuck in my toes, no breaks or fractures, nadda! BUT my current obsession (which seems to be a winter occurance)  is licking and chewing my feets and toes, also chewing my nails. At first human though nothing of it, Ive always done it (in moderation) just as of recent ive been obsessively doing it.. Its not just me though even humans mum’s dog (poodle) Spike has been doing it (he got medication and special shampoo, -doesn’t work) 

After a little research it seems that licking our feet actually feels good to us dogues and it becomes a behaviour (like a habbit) of course it could be a medical issue such as yeast infection etc etc so if you obsessively lick your feet, dont rule that out yet, but we know for me, thats not the case. So how to tackle this (human thought) as she thinks eventually I will make my feet sore.

  1. Longer walks (to tire me out more)
  2. Extra play times ( keep my mind occupied)
  3. More tickles (to distract me)
  4. Train in new tricks (challenge me)
  5. Clean my feet more often (I like to scrab up dirt and grass ALOT)

    Now hopefully these 5 tips will help in reducing the time of obsessive licking, the key really is to occupy more time with more productive activities, keeping the mind off the feets! You know us dogs are really smart and boredom can make us do crazy things. Even something simple like having a kong with some frozen yoghurt (last longer than peanutbutter). We are going to put this to the test (myself and my bro from another mo). 

    Please let me know any tips you have that I can try, Until next time 🐾

    Badasspugclub Pins

    Its so exciting, the badasspugclub has teamed up with @Lovedogbling to create an official club pin! the club has come so far since its start in 2014 and still has so much to grow and expand with so many ideas we hope to make the club an empire of badassness!  

    We worked with Lovedogbling to design a custom badasspugclub pin which caters to a large part of our members being inclusive of male, female,  black and fawn pugs this is just the beginning on our road to take over the world…

    These pins are available to purchase at for £9.99 each check them out on Instagram @lovedogbling and follow/join @badasspugclub for your chance to win a pin! 

    Dolphin Spirit Inverness

    A little throwback story to a few weeks ago when I toured Scotland, one of my favourite trips was one (of the many) boat trips we went on, the Dolphin Spirit Inverness on the Moray Firth 

    I met the most lovely lady Kristina who told us lots of cool stories and facts, she interviewed human and took lots of pictures of me, she said I would be on their Facebook page to celebrate dogs who need holidays too! Which is true! #houndsneedholidays

    It was a fun boat trip and we learned a lot. we hope to go back next year in the summer so we can see the dolphins properly!

    The Msyterious Wound/Allergy (Concluded)

    So last night quite late after human got home she was tickling me and stroking me and felt a lump on my neck, after immediately checking it out she found a scabby bloody mess which is pictured. (sorry to those who are squeamish) and yes I do have black hairs throughout my entire coat. The size is about the surface area of a 20p piece 

    Located on the back of my neck hidden well within my scruff it was hard to get to! And the human seemed quite perplexed as to where it came from! I did fall off the bed the night before (dont tell anyone) but that was too recently as it already had scabbed over, maybe a tick from my holiday – but that was too long ago. So as of now we are putting it down to scratching! 

    The human cleaned the area and dried it, and put some antiseptic cream on for me (which helped with the itching too) and has been keeping an eye on me and yelling at me if I scratch. 

    Today its not all red and bloody but still very scabby and itchy as ive been trying to scratch at it. The human got a better look after ages trying to part my hair (she said she may have to cut my hair!) and I have alot of scabs which are all stuck in my hairs, when you pinch the area its quite tough,not hard but almost like there is a lump beneath the surface, like when you get a mosquito bite, We have repeated the process of cleaning and using the antiseptic cream and will keep you updated! 


    So The human has spent the last 2 days with me to make sure I dont hurt myself anymore but she doesnt know how sneeky I can be and today she got really mad when she saw I had made a new sore patch by the one which is healing 

     to the naked eye it seems normal and its not until you really feel under the fur (damn double coat) you know its there.

    So this is the area from the other day heavily scabbed over now but just above human spotted redness…and…

    A new patch. Looks like the cone of shame is making a comeback!


    Got a bald spot, conclusions are circling around either a rouge tick which is now gone or a hotspot, yesterday I had a bath with my oatmeal anti itch natural shampoo and a flea/tick/worm/mange treatment just incase.

    We cleaned away the scab fragments stuck in my fur and got the area nice and clean, dabbed dry with some tissue and left open (no cream) human got the cone out to ensure NO scratching!  

    Now just 2 patches and a small scab. Hoping now Ive had a parasite treatment and got my cone on it will start to clear up, If no improvements by next week, I will be going to see my vet for help. Paws crossed. Its looking better today! 

    And to have a break from the cone human also got my Halloween hoodie out as being a Pug flower is nice and all but you tens to trip over it alot!

    To be continued…

    Well a week on and I have been wearing my hoodie and havnt scratched at it, so its finally starting to heal well! its in a bit of an awkward spot on my neck rolls! 

     Some scab fragments come off from the natural movment of my skin (like when you get a cut in the crease of your finger) it takes a little longer to heal. Tomorrow im having a bath to clean away fragments in my fur again and hopefully my hair will start to grow back too!

    The most likely culprit of this mysterious wound is…ticks! when I went to Scotland I picked some up in the woods, humans thought they got them all but there were some hidden deep in my double coat around my neck (teeny tiny black sheep tick nymphs) they can stay on dogs for up to 3 weeks feeding!!  Needless to say next time we go camping and hiking in the woods I will make sure im protected from ticks!  

    Ps. I did make it worse by scratching at it alot and it irritated my skin (Im a sensitive soul) As the bite left from the adult female sheep tick (which they removed quickly) was like a small spot.. .you know the ones humans get (sorrynotsorry) The human would like to add that I am not treated for ticks and fleas every month as they do not like putting chemicals on my skin when its not necessary!  but thats another blog. .

    More photos when its healed TBC! 


    So I ended up going to the vets to have my neck checked out as it seemed to spread like hives all around in a band around my neck and I got lumps and red patches in more places! It wasnt healing fast enough for humans liking.

    Turns out I was having an allergic reaction…although the vet said we can never been certain 100% what caused it (human has money on ticks) I got an anti inflammatory Injection to stop the itch and 6 days antibiotic pills to help clear the secondary infection, within days my skin had settled all the redness and bumps went away, the scabby bits are still healing and getting back to normal!

    So trying not to introduce any new factors that could make the allergy worse I am bathing using my oatmeal wash and everything is looking great. This photo below shows how much my scabs have healed and the hardness under my skin has gone, Yay


    Animology Review


    check out their website HERE!

    Here is my official “edgy” photo with a bottle of Back to black


    The Model Shot

    Lucky me or maybe because I am “The Don” the lovely people at Animology sent me some goodies to try and to share. Now before we begin some dogs love water and some do not.. I like the rain but dislike baths, I want to say a massive thank you to Animology for sending my human some of their “dogs body” shampoo. The main reason being that it has added conditioner! So I got out of the bath a lot quicker than usual!


    G’head bath me

    Bathing me is a messy job, I always try to escape and shake it out at any given opportunity so the human was glad it was only one product needed, after being suitably wet (the both of us) the human lathered me up (and it lathered!) very quickly, so a little does go a long way! human took this opportunity to take a pic… I found it a good time to share some suds with her.

     As quick as it took to rub in, it was washed out (fine by me!) The human “oooh’d” at the smell, you know the smellier the better for me but hey, whatever makes her happy, After a quick rub down and mad 5 minutes I got a good brush through with the trusty Furminator. (A must have for any pug owner) After a further mad 10 minutes frantically rubbing myself on forbidden upholstery and fabrics I deem to be towels (we must beg to differ here) I was practically dry! And very fluffy the human states

    Looking pretty damn handsome and smelling SO good, I felt pretty badass about now, The next day my fluffiness settled down and my coat became so sleek and shiny and apparently super soft too as the human would not stop touching me (Can’t complain though.) Throughout the day the human kept grabbing me and sniffing me commenting on how I still smelled good (The cheek! I always do..)

    A good many days on and my coat is still soft and smooth the smell has gone but I hear It has neutralised my “doggy” smell for alot longer than usual. (I guess thats good news for me)


    You can’t fight the fluff

    Overall I conclude that Animology can bathe me any day, I need the human to get some more of that Dogs Body shampoo for I am one happy puggy. Human recommends trying it yourself there is something for every dog, My Poodle bro uses White Wash !


    Follow My adventure and (AHEM) takeover of the internet on Instagram @badasspug_don_loki

    In recognition of this months black dog day – Make sure you enter my competition to win your own bottle of Back to Black!


    Bark My Box



    Also find them on Facebook and Instagram


    Being the lucky pug that I am, I was invited by @barkmybox to sample a box from their newly up and running monthly subscription service.  They offered everything I was looking for; great products sourced reliably and safe for environment (and me) My box was a taster of what to expect and I wasnt disappointed ( The food is the most important,  I cannot just let any old treats pass these puggy lips!)


    Now the box itself was very nice and not flimsy and the design was cute, inside they even personalised it with my name (look how proud I am)  Inside I found toys, treats and a little something for the human.

    The first item was a gorilla toy which made such a scary noise (at first) now nearly a month on I am STILL trying to shut him up! thumbs up on the longevity. Secondly I got my very own cigar (rope toy) and you know every Don needs a stoogie, Perfecto!

    Then we had 2 packets of treats made by Betty Miller (very yummy) with ingredients so good my human (almost) had a bite. No preservatives, nothing artificial and no grain. Top notch treats ! check for yourself at

    Then the human got herself a brand new eco friendly Beco poop bag holder and a box of refill bags (maybe now she will smile while cleaning up after me)

    img_20160810_142440Now all I need to do is work on making some “bear sized” poops !

    A little snippet from the Barkmybox website …

    “BarkMyBox delivers high quality non-harmful products for your pooch. Our boxes contain 5 items natural treats, fun toys and useful accessories for you and your human. We put a great deal of thought, research, and time into creating each month’s box. We work with quality vendors using top ingredients in their treats. Our aim is to give your pooch a great deal of excitement. Allowing them to run around all day, giving you both a great playtime together.”

    Prices for small dogs under 10kg start at £28.99 per month but decrease depending on how many months you opt for – This may seem expensive in comparison with other such subscription sites but when it comes to quality barkmybox delivers on many levels. A happy owner is also very important and if yours is a fussy as mine when it comes to what I eat, play with, wash with etc. This is the box for you!

    If you want to try one out gift yourself a one time box starting from £32.99  filled with treats.

    If you have any questions or queries just contact them, they are lovely people and so helpful, We wish them all the best and hope they make many doggies very happy!

    Don Loki @Badasspug_don_loki

    Winston Manner

    Our first Pug review! 


    We received an official Winston Manner Harness, collar and leash box set in the bouncy ball design from our pug pal, Aussie and CEO… Winston himself! So we thought we would take the time to write a little review after testing it out.


    Our honest opinion is… we absolutely love it, No bones about it! From the cute detail on the harness, collar and leash, the design, the bright colours to the way it was packaged. Everything is on point and excellently executed! the set is such good quality and better than your average pet shops for sure! It just has such a high class feel to it.


    Collar –  The material is so soft, the collar comes with a WM rubber patch, a paw print stud ( my favourite little detail) and lovely good quality thick ID tag which you can have engraved, the clasp is plastic and the D ring is a thick strong metal, the design is funky and fun and on the website they are so many to choose from, the bouncy ball collar is also available to purchase singularly at £20.23

    Harness – The harness is a breathable canvas type material, mesh backed, lined with a really soft bamboo strapping, the design matches in with the rest of the set with the blue stripes and red bouncy balls with a WM rubber motif on the chest. The back straps are all adjustable with metal detailing, plastic clip and metal D ring and again the cute paw print stud. Also available to buy on its own for £25.30

    The Lead – A really nice length matching in with the collar and harness perfectly with continued design, a handy clip on the end for if you are out and want to attach the leash somewhere safe, Again it has the cute paw print stud and signature WM rubber patch. also sold separately £20.23

    Over all I can safely say I will be buying and keeping a look out for new designs and styles in the future, Well done Winston! And just look how cool Loki looks in it..


    Winston Manner Bouncy Ball Harness Box Set – £60.75 @


     Follow Winston on Instagram @winstonmanner and find him on Facebook or drop him an email